Business Development

Marc Krisman is Business Development Manager at NLO. In addition to all the usual aspects of an IP firm, NLO is constantly seeking to develop services one step further. Providing clients with online access to their up-to-date IP portfolios is one example, taking over their entire IP administration is yet another. Maintaining excellent business relations with both clients and associates is one of the key elements of NLO's continued success.


Marc joined NLO back in 1981. He has extensive knowledge of all IP aspects, legal and commercial issues and the company as a whole. Marc headed the Patent Administration Department before setting up the Relation Management Department and later the PR Department, years ahead of most European IP firms. Setting up the Business Development Department some years ago was a logical next step, adding the marketing element into the IP business. Maintaining close contact with clients and European and overseas colleagues forms an important aspect of his work. Offering clients online access to their IP portfolios and taking care of their entire administration are the key projects in which Marc is engaged.

Marc Krisman