Eindhoven office

Kennedyplein 236
5611 ZT Eindhoven

P.O. Box 29720
2502 LS The Hague

Tel:  +31 (0)40 - 239 37 40
Fax: +31 (0)40 - 239 37 50

Video: 803104@video.octrooibureau.nl

Eindhoven office

From its office in Eindhoven, NLO has been serving the high-tech regions of Southern Netherlands and Flanders. It is here where prominent companies and knowledge institutes are dedicating themselves to several fields such as Automotive, Biomedical Technology, Bulk Chemistry, Electronics, Materials Engineering, Mechatronics, Metalworking, Nanotechnology, Optics, Pharmacy, Physics and Software. The office in Eindhoven relies on dedicated experts who have won their spurs in these industries. The attorneys also have long experience with the active and passive protection of the intellectual property rights, specialising in the above fields and types of companies.


The office can be found in the Kennedy tower right next to Eindhoven’s train station. It is perfectly accessible by car and public transport.