Strategic IP advice

Intellectual property rights (IP rights) such as patents, trademarks or designs, are not an aim in themselves. In fact they serve certain purposes such as keeping out competitors or generating licence incomes. Intellectual property rights as such, and the efforts required to obtain those rights, must perfectly dovetail with your strategy.


Defining an IP strategy

Because each company and every market is different, it is important to define an IP strategy that represents your company best. The advisors at Nederlandsch Octrooibureau ('NLO') will be pleased to help you define an optimal IP strategy. A first step to this purpose could be listing the intellectual properties your company has at its disposal and deciding on the best way to protect these. Protection can be obtained by submitting patent applications, design filings, trademark applications etc. Sometimes, however, the best option is to keep certain knowledge a secret and thus not submit any applications.



NLO can also inform your staff about the pros and cons of protecting intellectual property rights, to recognise future inventions at the earliest stage possible. For instance, our advisors can also advise you on how to safely work together with suppliers and clients without surrendering your intellectual property rights.



NLO provides several services that will help you successfully carry out your strategy, such as

In addition to the above services, on request we will also be pleased to prepare tailored advice. If you are interested please feel free to contact one of our attorneys.