Fei Pei

Fei Pei

Dutch patent attorney

  • Computers/Software
  • Electrical engineering
  • Physics
  • Telecommunications
Dutch, English and Chinese

Fei joined NLO in 2015.



Fei has a scientific background in various areas of applied physics, including nanotechnology, quantum physics, semiconductor physics and technology, materials science, low temperature physics, optics, and radio-frequency electronics. This has resulted in several publications in the renowned Nature series journals. He is also experienced in translations between Dutch, English and Chinese.



Fei graduated with cum laude in Applied Physics (both BSc and MSc) from Groningen University (2005-2010), specializing in nanotechnology and materials science. He completed exchange programmes at Harvard University and the National Taiwan University. For his Master's degree, Fei received the Kamerlingh Onnes award for the best graduate. He obtained his PhD degree in Quantum Physics at Delft University of Technology, supervised by professor Leo Kouwenhoven (2010-2014). With his PhD research, he contributed to the developments of quantum computer and to the discovery of the Majorana particles.

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