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The Life Sciences sector covers the wide field of biotechnology, including all the medical, biopharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications of biotechnology. Because of increasing competition in the Life Sciences, the sector has started to focus more strongly on technological innovations and their protection. How can NLO contribute to your business? Our specialised patent attorneys advise and support you in protecting the Intellectual Property Right (IP) of all your inventions.


Our patent attorneys come from the sector itself. Often, they have a background as researcher at a biotech company or research institute. With over ten attorneys in the Netherlands and Belgium, NLO serves a wide range of clients. Multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, hospitals, universities and other (public) research institutions know where to find NLO’s Life Sciences specialists.

"Without patents, there’s no Synaffix. The patent portfolio is clearly one of the reasons why the company exists"

Our patent attorneys specialise in molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, plant and animal genetics, vaccines, antibody and RNA technology and bioinformatics. Professional knowledge in these fields is necessary to professionally and successfully conduct patent applications or FTO analyses. For example, it is important to research whether your invention can and may be patented. Is there a specific regulation relating to genetics, improvement and test phases which affects the patent application procedure? In view of the substantial costs involved in research and development, it is particularly important to have a patent attorney who understands your market from A to Z. You will find a list of our patent attorneys and their specialisations on the Advisors web page.


Our teams have the specialist, technical and legal knowledge and the insight to be able to fully advise clients in the Life Sciences sector. Are you interested in what NLO can do for you? Read the interview with Synaffix, a young and successful company which focuses on the link between medicine and antibody.

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Intellectual Property: Cases

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset. From start-up to market leader, applying a smart strategy for patents, trademarks and/or designs adds value to every company. Examples of such successful IP strategies can be found at our page ‘Cases’. Read more