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Age Raukema

Age Raukema

Associate partner & Dutch and European patent attorney
As a European patent attorney I'm specialised in physics, mechanics, optics, measurement techniques, mechatronics and radiation sources.


  • Computers/Software
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Medical Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

After having received my MSc degree in Applied Physics in 1989, I spent some years doing research to obtain my PhD degree. I learned that I am quite interested in technology, but like to be involved in a different way. Therefore, I switched in 1996 to the field of intellectual property (IP), especially patents, which has not disappointed me since. It allows me to work over a broad range of technologies and to make the connection with business interests by protecting the important intellectual property assets resulting from technology development. I have IP experience from both working in an intellectual property law firm and working in a responsible position within the corporate intellectual property department of a large corporation focused on developing advanced technology.

I very much enjoy serving multiple clients on all kind of patent matters from NLO's Eindhoven offices.

My technical areas cover fields such as physics, mechanics, optics, measurement techniques, mechatronics, radiation sources, etc. I have gained a broad experience in prosecuting patent applications before patent offices wordwide, IP risk assessment and managing a patent portfolio in an international environment. My expertise further covers evaluating inventions and patent portfolios, formulating IP strategies in alignment with business strategy and establishing procedures for securing IP assets.


  • Applied Physics (MSc), University of Twente 

  • PhD at University of Amsterdam (research at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (Amolf) in Amsterdam on the interaction of gases with metal surfaces)