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Bart Postmus

Bart Postmus

Dutch and European patent attorney
Patents play a vital role in converting technological innovations into successful businesses. My years of experience in developing and bringing technologically advanced products to market mean that I understand how difficult developing a product can be. And I know that effective teamwork is the only way to overcome the many challenges along the way.


  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Pharma
  • Physics
  • Oppositions
  • Food

I really enjoy combining my experience of product development with my broad-ranging scientific knowledge to help clients in the food, chemistry and process technology sectors to obtain and retain patents. By doing so, I ensure the products they launch are properly protected, while minimizing the risk of infringements.

I know how to go the extra mile and help clients not only protecting their own technology but also with understanding the broader patent position

Before joining NLO I was a product development manager at Unilever R&D, where I gained wide-ranging experience in working with internal and external product development teams. My academic background is particularly broad-ranging: as well as being a qualified patent attorney, I have a PhD in physical chemistry and a masters combining physics and medical technology.


  • Applied Physics (MSc), Groningen University
  • PhD in (physical) chemistry, Wageningen University