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Ben Brigou

Ben Brigou

Associate partner & Dutch and European patent attorney
I am a chemist with extensive experience as a patent attorney in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, agricultural and mining industries, among other sectors. At NLO, I head a multidisciplinary team of patent attorneys with a unique mixture of expertise in chemistry, physics, engineering, sensoring & AI. In addition to the traditional technical domains, our team is exceptionally well positioned to support our clients in meeting the challenges of the future.


  • Chemistry
  • Pharma
  • Supplementary protection certificate (SPC)

I previously worked as an Intellectual Asset Manager for the publicly listed Tessenderlo Group, where I was responsible for the patent portfolio of several business units active in chemistry, agriculture and industrial solutions (mining, plastic sewer pipes & fittings). I was previously employed at NLO during 2016-2020, where I completed my professional training as a patent attorney. Before that, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

The launch of a new ‘smart’ product today often involves complexity in multiple dimensions as companies have to deal with both patents for mechanical design, chemical reactions or material properties, as well as smart control. We offer a solution for this kind of complex puzzles. Think about medical devices, smart factories, AI-controlled measuring and control techniques, smart formulations for crop protection or fertilisation, etc.

In addition, we serve clients within a broad spectrum of traditional work, ranging from bulk chemicals to pesticides (including SPCs) and from plastic pipe fittings to high-tech coatings.

My team and I have also gained extensive experience in the clean technology space, bringing a strategic approach to intellectual property for clients engaged in cutting-edge areas such as CO2 capture and sustainable synthesis routes. With a keen understanding of clean tech innovations, we assist clients in safeguarding their intellectual assets, fostering sustainable solutions that contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly future.

You can rely on our team for support in the areas of:

  • Protection your inventions: national and international patent application and extension procedures
  • Opposition
  • Freedom-to-operate advice
  • Collaborations and negotiations with third parties (NDAs, JDAs, licences, etc.)
  • M&A (due diligence, second opinions, portfolio analyses)
  • Litigation (together with our extensive network of IP lawyers)
  • Patent based tax relief, e.g. 'patent box' (together with our extensive network of tax lawyers)
  • Etc.


Education and training

  • MSc in Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2013
  • Dutch patent attorney
  • European patent attorney



  • Co-author of the renowned “SPC Handbook” (Stief, 2021)
  • How does the EU encourage pharmaceutical innovation? - (2019)
  • CJEU Judgment reshuffles litigation costs in Belgium – (2017)
  • Influence of solvation and dynamics on the mechanism and kinetics of nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions in liquid ammonia, The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016)
  • Synthesis of 2-Spiropseudoindoxyls via an Intramolecular Nitroalkyne Redox–Dipolar Cycloaddition Cascade, Organic Letters, 2014