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Ben Brigou

Ben Brigou

Dutch patent attorney
I am active in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceuticals and specialise in supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), medicinal, organic and analytical chemistry. Together with Jaap Mannaerts and his team I support our clients, both small and large, in formulating and implementing a worldwide intellectual property strategy.


  • Supplementary protection certificate (SPC)
  • Chemistry
  • Pharma

Our team’s experience covers the entire lifecycle, ranging from idea to patent (or other IP right) and from suspected patent infringement to court. Also in administrative law procedures, particularly in the context of SPCs, we collaborate with your legal advisors to ensure the best possible results.

The team and I operate in the fields of Belgian, Dutch and European patent law and can support you in any jurisdiction through our worldwide network of agents. We can also manage your European SPC strategy, for which we closely monitor the relevant case law. I am a board member of the Dutch Association of Young Patent Attorneys.


Before joining NLO, I worked for a pharmaceutical company in Global Regulatory Affairs and was a researcher in computational chemistry.


  • MSc in Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium)
  • Prince2 foundation (project management)
  • Professional training as a patent attorney (since 2017)


  • SPC manufacturing waiver (2019)
  • Influence of solvation and dynamics on the mechanism and kinetics of nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions in liquid ammonia, The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016)
  • Synthesis of 2-Spiropseudoindoxyls via an Intramolecular Nitroalkyne Redox–Dipolar Cycloaddition Cascade, Organic letters (2014)
  • Synthesis of fused 3-aminoazepinones via trapping of a new class of cyclic seven-membered allenamides with furan, Organic letters (2014)