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Caroline 't Hoen-van der Hoogt - NLO | Patents & Trademarks

Caroline 't Hoen-van der Hoogt

Dutch and European patent attorney
Over time I have built on my broad-ranging background in molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology and have extended my expertise to include fields such as immunology, gene therapy, nutrition, pharmacology and antibody technology.


  • Antibody
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Gene therapy
  • Food

One of the ways I reflect my passion for patents is in my dedication to clients. I enjoy helping them to optimise their strategies for protecting their technologies and the opportunities for dealing with third-party rights.

In practice, my day-to-day work involves a wide range of patent-related activities, with an emphasis on patent-awarding procedures and advice. I also have experience in IPO due diligence.

In addition to my patent-related work, I show my commitment to NLO by being a confidential advisor for other NLO employees. I am also on the European patent attorneys’ Examination Board. One of the nicest aspects of this work is the opportunity it gives me to meet other attorneys and examiners. That way, we can share experience and learn from each other.

I joined NLO as a trainee patent attorney in 2006 and have since become an all-round patent advisor, known for my precision and focus on results.


  • MSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Leiden University
  • PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Leiden University