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Jan van den Hooven

Jan van den Hooven

Associate partner & Dutch and European patent attorney
I work in the fields of physics, electronics and software, including consumer electronics, telecommunications and medical equipment. The businesses and inventors I work for are active in electronic, medical and optical applications and in green energy. I am highly experienced in structuring patent portfolios based on targeted innovation.


  • Computers/Software
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Medical Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Mechanical Engineering

I have worked for NLO since 2010. After graduating and until 2004, I worked for Philips, where I was involved in R&D relating to LCD TV and electronic photography. From 1994, I worked as a patent attorney, specialising in medical systems (MRI) and displays, as well as advising various business groups on patent issues.

In 2004 I moved to ASML, where I worked as a patent attorney specialising in lithography and metrology systems and was involved in structuring patent portfolios and advising on patents.

In my current role I see patents as an important means for promoting innovation and collaboration. And I continue to enjoy the challenge of working with inventors to explore their inventions and then preparing patent applications for them.


  • ¬†MSc in¬†Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands)