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Ranjini Dietsche

Ranjini Dietsche

Trainee patent attorney
I joined NLO in January 2016 as a trainee patent attorney in the ICT sector. Over the past two years at NLO, I have gained experience on patent prosecution, litigation, opposition and drafting.


  • Computers/Software
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Medical Technology
  • Optics
  • Telecommunications

Thanks to 6 years’ research in optics and spectroscopy, thus working with different light sources, detectors, plasma techniques etc., I consider myself especially equipped to advise clients on high-tech inventions relating to this or nearby fields. I also handle mechanical, telecommunications, smartphone and other software-related applications on a daily basis. As an overseas interest, I find myself constantly researching ongoing IP trends in India. This concerns, in particular, how to promote IP filings in Europe from the country, and what Western applicants must be aware of while taking their inventions to India.

Should you wish for information on any of the above or related topics, I look forward to hearing from you!

My background lies mostly in Physics, owing to a master’s degree in Photonics and postdoctoral work in applied laser studies. In contrast, my PhD has been an interesting blend of Physics and Chemistry, where I worked on high resolution electronic spectroscopy of molecules of astronomical significance.

I am originally from India, have lived in Switzerland, Ireland and Germany before finally reaching the Netherlands, and am married to a wonderful German.


  • Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship on trace gas detection using NIR spectroscopy, cavity-enhanced techniques, Summa cum laude, University College Cork
  • Interim postdoc, Femtosecond Raman spectroscopy, University of Bern
  • PhD Cavity Ring Down and Four Wave Mixing techniques applied to detection of transient gas phase molecules and ions in plasma discharges, University of Basel
  • MSc Photonics, Cochin University of Science and Technology


  • Broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy with incoherent light, A.A. Ruth, S. Dixneuf, R. Raghunandan
  • First analysis of the 2ν1+3ν3 band of NO2 at 7192.159 cm-1, R. Raghunandan, A. Perrin, A.A. Ruth, J. Orphal
  • Prosecution of AI-based business methods - Escaping the trap of the general purpose computer, 2019