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Simone van Rosendaal

Simone van Rosendaal

Dutch and European patent attorney
I am a patent attorney in the mechanical engineering sector. My work focuses on a broad range of patent-related activities, including writing and defending patent applications, answering questions and giving advice on the freedom to operate, the extent of protection, general portfolios and licences.


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Medical Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Semiconductor topographies

I specialise in the offshore, aerospace and automotive industries, while also having specialist knowledge of composites and coatings.

In addition to working at NLO, I am currently undergoing legal training as a patent attorney so that I will soon be able to assist you independently.

Having trained as an aerospace engineer and generally enjoying finding out how things work, I have gained a broad-ranging base of technical knowledge that allows me to quickly understand and defend all sorts of inventions. Before joining NLO, I spent several years working in the offshore oil and gas industry, working as an R&D and project engineer, where I learned what it’s like to be sitting on your side of the table.


  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering, specialised in; structural mechanics of (composite) materials


  • WO2013066169A1 (patent)