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Wouter Rogiest

Wouter Rogiest

Trainee patent attorney
I am an engineer with over 2 years of experience in private practice, backed by 14 years of experience in academic research. With a passion for both science and technology, I specialize in patents for computers and software, electrical engineering, telecommunications and algorithms. I’m keen at helping clients to protect their inventions, leverage their IP, and to define their long-term protection and innovation strategy.


  • Computers/Software
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Telecommunications

I am client-oriented, listening to inventors to capture the gist of their inventions while paying attention to the bigger picture, helping aligning patent protection with the client’s business needs. Hereby, explaining complex legal matters in an accessible way is a key endeavor. 

I received training as an electrical engineer (‘burgerlijk ingenieur’) and as doctor in Engineering, both at Ghent University. I worked as Network Architect at Bell Labs - Nokia Belgium (then Alcatel-Lucent Antwerp), where I co-wrote patents as an inventor. Subsequently I became a postdoc/professor at Ghent University, leading research on networks, computer architecture and scheduling, teaching engineering students about ICT for several years, and working at Kyoto University for three months. I write about science and technology for Eos Wetenschap, where I am a member of the Advisory Board. In 2015, I was awarded with the KVAB academy prize for science outreach.