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Letícia Rodrigues

Letícia Rodrigues talks about her job

First I studied pharmacy in Brazil, where I had the opportunity to go on exchange to Germany. I eventually completed my masters and PhD in Germany. After some time, I no longer enjoyed working in the lab anymore because of the lack of flexibility. After all, you cannot take your experiment with you, which means you are restricted to the lab.

As a patent attorney, you can work from anywhere, which gives you 100% flexibility. In addition, working with patents focuses on an invention’s successes, while lab projects don’t always work out. As a patent attorney, you work with the products that made it through the research. This makes every day exciting.

It was very important for me to work in an intellectually stimulating, but also international environment. The job vacancy at NLO was an ideal combination of both these requirements. NLO is very international and the working language is English. At the same time, you get all the help necessary for becoming proficient in Dutch and having a career on the Dutch national level as well. Furthermore, what is really enjoyable here is the flat organisational structure and the very open company culture. This is also reflected in the open space office and the cooperative working atmosphere.

I find becoming a patent attorney the most interesting step in my career.

The patent attorney training and exams are, of course, very challenging. And although you know it will not be easy starting this job, you also know that NLO will support you along the way. NLO understands its people and tries to help them accomplish their goals.

NLO also has an internal training program, the NLO Academy, where you not only learn about IP, but also about career paths within this profession, experiences from colleagues, clients and different patent systems around the world. The NLO Academy also connects you with other trainees, which facilitates a direct integration in the office.

It’s impossible to do this job without the necessary technical background as this clearly determines the quality of your work. Becoming a patent attorney the most interesting step in my career so far. It’s a profession where you have good prospects, where you are valued and can keep using your academic knowledge while learning new things.