Fortify magazine

Twice a year, NLO publishes its magazine for relations, Fortify. Fortify focuses on the entire breadth of Intellectual Property. Interviews, backgrounds and stories from practice are all provided in Fortify. 

Fortify winter 2017/2018

  • Interview with Lokke Moerel, member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council, about innovations and their digital security
  • Interview: WIJ Special Media about claiming the exclusive trademark right to a common word
  • Young Talent: Propeaq. Optimise people's performance with light
  • A practical perspective on important changes in trademark law
  • How to prepare well and avoid pitfalls for oral proceedings
  • Guest column from Anouk Siegelaar of the Association of Dutch Designers 

Fortify winter 2017

  • Interview with Peter Hinssen about radical innovation for the day after tomorrow
  • Interview: IPStar about building the ultimate recycling machine for a sustainable world
  • Young Talent: GlobalYeast. Creating cleaner fuel with disruptive yeast strains
  • Protecting well-known trademarks without registration
  • Starting enforcement of patent rights
  • Guest column from Ann van Geysel of Biovox

Fortify spring/summer 2016

  • Interview with Wendy Pang about strengthening and protecting brands at Danone
  • Interview: Synaffix about their magic bullets against cancer tumors
  • Young Talent: Manus VR. Developers of the virtualrealityglove for gamers
  • European design protection
  • Food for thought: protection and design of foodstuffs and packaging
  • The safe road to China
  • Impartial to partial priorities at the EPO. Read the full article here.

Fortify spring/summer 2015



  • Interview with Aude de Clercq on ESA's mission to build a strong European industry, not only in the space sector but in the non-space sector as well.
  • Interview with Michaël Bas (&ranj) on the playful business of serious gaming
  • A round table discussion on IP Valuation
  • Patenting DNA in the US
  • Brave New IP World: insights on a single patent for Europe

Fortify fall/winter 2014



  • Interview with Paul van Beukering, chairman of the Preparatory Committe of the Unified Patent Court
  • Interview with Hein Wille (SBM Offhore) and Hans Bottema and Jorika van Duijn (NLO) about IP-related contracts
  • Unified Patent Court challenges: Striking the balance between PME's and SME's
  • The post-Medeva SPC Saga: what about biologicals?

Fortify spring/summer 2014



  • Interview with emeritus professor of Economics of Innovations Alfred Kleinknecht on secrecy, speed of innovation and retaining qualified personnel
  • Interview with Gerben Krijnen, co-fouder of ICEK B.V. on unconventional cooling techniques
  • Technical effect and computer- implemented inventions at the EPO
  • More bang for your buck: second medical use and the EPC 2000

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