In the section ‘Benelux recommended agencies’, NLO Shieldmark receives the following commentary:


The “simply excellent” NLO Shieldmark is a “top choice for international work”. More than just a trademark agency, it is a true ally of brand owners when it comes to business development. “It does a great job communicating with its clients’ decision makers” and “can easily address their most commercially important concerns”. The firm has now settled into a groove following the 2013 acquisition of Zacco Netherlands.


Set apart by the strategic depth of her thinking is managing partner Marlous Stal-Hilders. “She is brilliant – tough, well organised and great at avoiding unnecessary costs”. Associate partner Milca Graver-de Looper is another key contact, particularly for patrons with large portfolios. She doesn’t just register trademarks and provide strictly legal counsel; she delivers clear concise pragmatic and commercial guidance. With a slew of foreign associate endorsements against his name, Jeroen Cornelis secures his first inclusion in the WTR1000 this year.


While these senior individuals stand out, commentators acknowledge that the firm has also “been very successful in attracting the best young talent”.


We are very proud of this excellent result. It once again demonstrates our strong position in one of the top tiers of the international world of trademarks. And we would like to thank all clients, agents and other business relations for their positive feedback.


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