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Rick Loomans

Rick talks about his job

Technical draftsman
After completing a degree in mechanical engineering, I began my career as a product designer and product engineer at another company. That's when I discovered that I enjoyed drawing designs far more than I did developing them. So I began looking around for another job and was very interested when I saw the vacancy at NLO.

My induction period just sped by. The first few days were especially memorable because the whole company decamped to Rotterdam for a few days to mark its 130th anniversary. It was a really nice way to get to know my new colleagues.

From drilling platforms to medical equipment, I get to see and contribute to all the new technologies that are launched on the market.

In my previous job I developed products myself; now the design has already been finalised and my task is to make sure the drawings protect them as fully as possible. For me, the challenge lies in capturing the product as accurately and precisely as possible. Sometimes I handle as many as ten patent or design drawings a day, all of them completely different. I get real satisfaction from the positive feedback I receive about my work. For instance, when I can turn an indecipherable diagram into something clear and comprehensible, and then hear from one of our attorneys that I’ve interpreted it correctly. It's very rewarding to get that kind of appreciation when you’ve done your best.

What I find very special about NLO is that we’re all genuinely working as a team, even though I’m the only draughtsman here. The atmosphere is very friendly and everyone is treated equally. There's a real team spirit, and people work hard at maintaining it by organising fun activities such as drinks, parties, the NLO Academy and a vitality week. NLO is unique in that regard.