Infringement advice

A patent is an exclusive right used to protect a new product, working method or new technology. Infringement will be the case the moment a third party, nevertheless, proceeds to market a protected product without permission, or applies certain technology or a working method again without permission.


The moment you suspect or know for certain that a third party has been infringing your patent you may contact our advisors who will assist you.


NLO provides the following services:

  • Advise on the validity of your patent, and the nature of the infringement
  • Communication with the infringing party, while carefully representing your financial and strategic interests
  • Initiation of legal national infringement proceedings
  • Levying a prejudgement attachment or seizure of evidence on third parties


Should your patent still be in the patent granting procedure, we will be able to advise you on how to accelerate the granting procedure, and also about the steps that we could already take based on a current patent application.


Patent infringement notice

A patent infringement notice is issued to warn the patent infringer. Once the patent owner has warned the infringer about the existence of the patent and the act of infringement using the patent infringement notice, the infringer will become liable for compensation.



Preparing a patent infringement notice is specialist work. Therefore, we kindly advise you to have a lawyer prepare and issue your patent infringement notice on your behalf. Our lawyers will be happy to inform you about the necessity of issuing a patent infringement notice.


Third party

We will also be pleased to assist should a patent owner accuse you of infringement, in which case we will be able to do the following:

  • Advise you on the validity and the relevance of the patent concerned
  • Communicate with the patent owner
  • Assist in legal proceedings
  • Initiate 'non-infringement declaration' proceedings
  • Initiate invalidity proceedings
  • Submit so-called slander letters against 'ex parte' seizures.
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