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Tamara Stegmann

Tamara Stegmann talks about her job

Although I always enjoyed lab work, towards the end of my PhD I felt I needed something else, so I started exploring the options. I was keen to combine my Chemistry studies with my interest in law, and people around me pointed me towards the profession of patent attorney.

Just at that moment, there happened to be a vacancy in the biotechnology team at NLO. The application procedure went very fast. That means you really know where you stand. I had a good feeling during the interviews and I liked the atmosphere at NLO.

NLO offers you the possibility to develop yourself; as a trainee you can get involved in everything and you are given lots of opportunities. If you have your own ideas about projects or events, they listen and often follow them up.

Every day you learn something new.

The Dutch patent attorney training is very interesting. First you get general law, which is always useful. Then you start to specialise in patent law; you take a closer look at the matter we use at the office every day. The tutors are very inspiring people. You need to do a lot of homework, but I’m finding it a really nice challenge. Every day you learn something new. It’s hard at first, but it does get easier.

I feel it’s important that people know that you haven’t left the scientific world behind you. That’s often what people assume. Although you’re not working in the lab and doing your own experiments, you are still doing real scientific work. You’re not far away from the academic world. In fact, you work together very closely and in a much broader way. On one day, you see very many different aspects of science.