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Fei Pei

Fei Pei talks about his job

My first year at NLO was an exciting year. Before coming here, I’d been at university for a total of 9 years, from the start of my BSc to getting my PhD. That was such a different world and coming into the patent world was a considerable career move for me. But it was a conscious decision.

The patent training course is very comprehensive. You start off with an introduction to the basics of general law that can be useful not only for the patent practice. Later on you get to study the details of patent law. I really like this approach. Legal studies can be a challenge for someone with a technical background like me, but for someone looking for a challenge, the courses are certainly not an obstacle. Also it’s really not the case of throwing away everything you’ve learned at university. In fact, you use your technical knowledge on a daily basis.

Not many people know that someone with a background in physics can become a patent attorney. I think this job is really a great combination of technology, legal knowledge and working with people. For example, I’m a great fan of VR. Here I get acquainted with the latest ideas and I’m among the first people to know what the latest gadgets will be. From various clients, we get to hear the cutting edge technology on a daily basis.

“What you do here, you’ll find in daily practice in a few years’ time”

I’m proud to work for NLO. Lots of ambitious people work here and I believe that when you’ve got ambitions, you can achieve a great deal. For me, that’s what I like most about NLO. From the beginning, you are given a certain degree of independence, but you also get lots of support from your supervisors and colleagues. NLO is becoming increasingly international. I think through all the different cultures, we can learn a lot from each other. Although the patent world might seem a conservative world, I see NLO certainly as a leader in this world. You can see that from our international environment, but also from our modern office interior and the advanced computer setting. You can easily work at home, so you can plan your time flexibly.

I’ve made an excellent choice and I’m still learning every day!