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Rozemarijn Ietswaart

Rozemarijn talks about her job

NLO had already piqued my curiosity as a student: people spoke very highly of the firm and I was impressed by its website. This is why NLO was the first firm I thought of when looking for a job after my internships. NLO didn’t have any job openings at the time, but I decided to call the Recruiter and was invited for an introductory chat. As luck would have it, I received a call a few weeks later that a position had opened up at NLO and that I was welcome to join the application process.

I really enjoyed speaking with my interviewers at NLO and learned a great deal about the company culture and the firm itself. It turned out that the feeling was mutual as I got the job! I would therefore always recommend calling a company you are interested in working for, even if there are no vacancies open at the time. Companies will always value your enthusiasm and interest.

It was while I was studying law at the University of Leiden that I discovered my passion for Intellectual Property Law. This is why I chose to do a Master’s in Corporate Law and specialised in Intellectual Property Law. I think this is a topic that appeals to everyone: after all, trademarks are all around us in all shapes and sizes.

You will occasionally be thrown in at the deep end – but if you ever get stuck, the whole team will be on hand to help.

As a trademark and design attorney, I help protect my clients’ intellectual property and am involved in this process from start to finish. I have been working here for a while now and have noticed that I am starting to take on more responsibility and I am building up my own client base. I have really honed my knowledge and skills in a very short time and think this is also partly due to the course I am taking at the Benelux Foundation for Professional Development of Trademark and Design Attorneys (BBMM). I relish the challenge of learning the ins and outs of trademark and design law and enjoy being able put this into practice on a daily basis.

NLO also provides plenty of fun and bonding activities outside of work. All of the different departments work well together, irrespective of whether they are in the work environment or having office drinks together. I think NLO is an exceptional company to work for: not just as an employer, but also in terms of the company culture and the opportunities it offers. Working for NLO, you can expect to get excellent on-the-job training, a varied and interesting set of responsibilities and the opportunity to visit various congresses and conferences. You will occasionally be thrown in at the deep end – but if you ever get stuck, the whole team will be on hand to help.