NLO Fortify no. 7 2017/2018
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no. 7 | volume 5 | fall/winter 2018


Oppositions patents and trademarks


In the nine months after any European patent has been granted there is a chance that you or another party may file a notice of opposition and request revocation or substantial amendment of the patent. Of the patents opposed at the EPO in this way, 30% are revoked, and a further 40% are reduced in scope during the course of the opposition. This leaves only 30% of opposed patents unscathed by the process (source: EPO Reports).

To help you navigate this period, NLO’s patent attorneys can help you defend your patent and assess the potential risks of limitation of your patent to your business.


After your trademark application has been filed and approved, there is still a good chance that a competitor will challenge your trademark application by instituting opposition proceedings.

Trademark authorities in the Benelux and the EU consider it your own responsibility to monitor your position in the trademark register. You have several options for taking action against trademark infringement, obviously depending on the type of infringement.

For monitoring your trademark as well as preparing strategies to stop infringement, NLO Shieldmark provides guidance and advice.

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