no. 5 | volume 4 | winter 2017

‘I am proud to see our magazine moving on’

You are used to reading a message from one of NLO’s Management Team here. In previous editions of Fortify, this is where they informed you about interesting developments inside and outside our office. As editor-in-chief of Fortify, it is therefore slightly strange for me to put myself so literally and figuratively in the picture.

Nevertheless, it still gives me pleasure to write this article for you. I have worked on Fortify – and its predecessors – for many years. I am proud to see our magazine moving on. A feeling that is supported by the readers’ survey that we conducted last year. I would like to thank you for taking the trouble to provide us with feedback. We immediately embarked on digitising Fortify. Would you like to receive our magazine by mail? If so, register on

This edition of Fortify focuses on the future. For example, technology entrepreneur Peter Hinssen demonstrates how the world will be rapidly changing in the coming years as a result of AI. But this means that you must look further than tomorrow. Something that Rob Suters from IPStar with his travels to Mars and the founders of the Belgian-Brazilian GlobalYeast certainly do. They all embrace the future of the day after tomorrow.

Both Peter Hinssen and GlobalYeast originally hail from Belgium. The guest column has also been written by a Belgian entrepreneur. The country offers fertile ground for innovation. NLO’s office in Ghent, which now has nearly 15 patent attorneys from different nationalities, celebrated its first anniversary at the beginning of this year. They are eagerly looking forward to the future. I am personally closely involved in this because as of 1 January 2017 my biotech practice is also partially based in Belgium. I wish you all a successful 2017 and hope that both the near and the distant future will provide you with positive surprises in many respects.

Caroline Pallard
Editor-in-Chief Fortify