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Ratifications of the Unified Patent Court Agreement

Rolf Suurmond

The Dutch government is planning to complete the changes in the Patent Law that are required for ratifying the UPC Agreement by October 1st, 2016. The official Staatscourant has published a schedule for the treatment of the amended Patent Law by Parliament.

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WTR1000 edition 2016 recommends NLO Shieldmark

Marlous Stal-Hilders, Jeroen Cornelis, Milca Graver - de Looper

NLO Shieldmark is highly recommended in the 2016 edition of the World Trademark Review 1000. European trademark and design attorney’s Marlous Stal-Hilders, Milca Graver-de Looper and Jeroen Cornelis have received individual praise for their work.

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Harm van der Heijden becomes partner at NLO

Harm van der Heijden

On 1 January 2016, Dutch and European patent attorney Harm van der Heijden was appointed a partner of NLO, the biggest legal consultancy for Intellectual Property in the Netherlands. Harm joined NLO’s Eindhoven office in 2009 where he focuses on innovations in electronics, physics, telecom and software.

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European design protection - worth your money?

Florence Tordoir

Unlike trademarks, patents and copyright, which are well known and commonly used, design protection is sometimes forgotten or underestimated. However, the design of products, packaging, logos, drawings and artwork plays a key role in distinguishing new products from those of competitors.

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Nested claims before the EPO: pragmatic cosmetics or clarity obstructing nuisance?

Stijn van Dongen, Caroline Pallard, Peter ten Haaft

It’s been said that the logo of the EPO resembles the ideal way in which a set of patent claims should be drafted. There should be a broadest, well-rounded claim at the center, and it should be surrounded by additional layers of protection in the form of dependent claims; this can result in nested subject matter within the scope of the broadest claim. The result could very well be a set of nested claims. Or could it?

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New NLO office on Ghent Innovation Campus underlines Belgian ambitions

NLO is structurally expanding its activities on the Belgian market. Over the coming years, NLO wants to become a strong and trusted partner for innovative Belgian companies. For that reason, NLO is relocating to an environment which is seamlessly in line with the ambitions and dynamics of the office. On 1 September, NLO is moving into the brand new AA Tower in the Technology Park in Ghent.

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Impartial to partial priorities: Questions referred to the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal

Shiri Burema

Article 123 EPC. As easy as ‘1-2-3’? Well guess again. Somewhere between its lines hides a notorious concept in the field of patents. The inescapable trap. The fear of each attorney. Your granted claim involves added matter and there is no way to restore unless you violate the principles of patent law by shifting the scope of your patent.

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Italy will join remainder of the Unitary Patent Package

Italy officially confirms its intention to participate in the enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection and with regard to the applicable translation arrangements.

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Unified Patent Court (UPC) local division in the Netherlands

The decision to establish a local division of the UPC in the Netherlands was taken within the Council of Ministers on 10 July 2015.

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René van Duijvenbode partner at NLO

René van Duijvenbode

As of today, Dutch and European patent attorney René van Duijvenbode is appointed a partner at NLO. René has worked for NLO since 2003, in recent years as an Associate Partner, heading a team of seven patent attorneys.

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