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Timing first to file
Artikel 25 jan 2017

First to file? How to handle post-experimental data

Geschreven door Caroline Pallard
Dit artikel is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels. Is het beter om zo vroeg mogelijk in te dienen met breed opgestelde claims om ervoor te zorgen dat een innovatie wordt beschermd?

Is it best to file as early as possible with very broad claims to make sure your innovations are protected? This is an often-employed strategy in which additional results are added in a later stage to back up the application. The Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) recently decided that such post-experimental data would not be taken into account to assess the inventive step of the claims of a patent filed by Bristol-Myers Squibb. What does this ruling mean for an optimal filing strategy?

Download the article 'First to file? How to handle post-experimental data'.
This article was first published in BioVox News, January 2017.

Article: First to File? How to handle post-expiremental data.
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