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Artikel 1 okt 2013

Salad days: Tomatoes, broccoli and radish patents

Geschreven door Bart Swinkels
Dit artikel is alleen in het Engels beschikbaar. When it comes to plants, European courts have been occupied with various debates over salad. Margreet van Heuvel and Bart Swinkels take a look.

Under the European Patent Convention (EPC), patent protection is in principle available to inventions in all areas of technology, including agriculture and horticulture. However, Article 53(b) EPC excludes from patent protection “plant and  animal varieties and essentially biological processes for the production of plants and animals”. How this provision is to be  interpreted has been the subject of much debate over the years.

This article was first published in Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review, October 2013.

Salad days: Tomatoes, broccoli and radish patents
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