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news 15 jan 2016

WTR1000 2016 beveelt NLO Shieldmark aan

NLO nieuws
NLO Shieldmark heeft een vermelding behaald in de nieuwste uitgave van de World Trademark Review 1000. Daarnaast hebben drie Europese merken- en modellengemachtigden een individuele aanbeveling gekregen.

In de categorie ‘Benelux recommended agencies’ heeft NLO Shieldmark het volgende redactionele commentaar gekregen:

NLO Shieldmark

“Seamless portfolio management for its predominantly Dutch clientele is the calling card of NLO Shieldmark. The firm is proficient across all sectors, although its refined appreciation of the ins and outs of the food industry has made this a particularly happy hunting ground of late.”

Marlous Stal-Hilders

“Managing partner Marlous Stal-Hilders is a dab hand at drawing up coexistence agreements and transfer deeds, and has a superb record in oppositions proceedings; life sciences and electronics are fortes.” 

Jeroen Cornelis

“Jeroen Cornelis has a nuanced grasp of the unique dynamics of Asian markets, from which he has mined a wide array of clients; he boasts useful ancillary know-how in copyright and designs.”

Milca Graver-de Looper

“The skilled and seasoned Milca Graver-de Looper has chalked up more than 30 years’ experience in the trademark field, and specialises in research and registrations; mediation matters also account for a sizeable amount of her workload.”

De WTR is online beschikbaar. De vermeldingen en redactionele commentaren zijn te bekijken op