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An application for a patent in the field of electrical engineering cannot be compared to an application for a patent for a DNA sequence, for example. Specialised knowledge of the relevant technological sectors is crucial in order to map out the right approach. The attorneys of NLO have expertise in such fields as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, biotechnology and medical technology. They will be glad to assist you with their specific knowledge and to help you with the formulation of a comprehensive strategy for the protection of your intellectual property rights.

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Our advisors

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NLO Shieldmark

NLO Shieldmark is the second largest trademark and design bureau in Europe, and a leading player in this field. The bureau is part of NLO, which means you also have access to the expertise of over 45 patent attorneys, and the confidence of working with a company that has over 125 years of experience in intellectual property rights and intellectual property law.


NLO Shieldmark can help you map out an intellectual property strategy to protect and strengthen your designs and trademarks. Thanks to our wide range of services and the expertise of our 20 trademark and design attorneys, we are able to provide innovative solutions with outstanding value. Visit NLOShieldmark.nl