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Dietmar Hertsen

Dietmar Hertsen

Dutch and European patent attorney
Eureka, but then what? As a chemical engineer I know the feeling of working on a difficult problem, rooting around and struggling, and then the wonderful feeling you get when you suddenly find the solution.


  • Biotechnology
  • Pharma
  • Oligonucleotide

And wouldn’t it be great to hold on to that wonderful feeling for longer? That’s why I’ve chosen to train as a patent attorney at NLO so that I can safeguard your chemical and biotech inventions and ensure they come to fruition. Innovation is at the heart of successful businesses. And that’s what I want to protect. What drives me is my love of inventions, my continuing amazement at the scientific knowledge underlying inventions and my belief in researchers’ passion, dedication and commitment.

Innovation is at the heart of successful businesses.

I joined NLO’s Ghent office in early 2018. Having done a PhD in quantum chemistry, I am used to thinking about chemical reactions highly theoretically. A degree in gene technology means I feel at home in the world of molecular biology. I also really enjoy public speaking and am fascinated by how language and science overlap and interact. By writing and investigating patents, I can now combine all three of these passions.


  • PhD in Engineering, Ghent University (2017)
  • MSc in Bioscience engineering: chemistry and bioprocess technology, Ghent University (2012)
  • BSc in Bioscience engineering: cell and gene biotechnology, Ghent University (2011)


  • Formation of Fluorinated Amido Esters through Unexpected C3-C4 Bond Fission in 4-Trifluoromethyl-3-oxo-β-lactams, H.D. Thi, H. Goossens, D. Hertsen, V. Otte, T. Van Nguyen, V. Van Speybroeck, M. D'Hooghe, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 13 (4), 421-431, 2018.
  • Reactivity of 3-oxo-β-lactams with respect to primary amines - an experimental and computational approach, N. Piens, H. Goossens, D. Hertsen, S. Deketelaere, L. Crul, L. Demeurisse, J. De Moor, E. Van den Broeck, K. Mollet, K. Van Hecke, V. Van Speybroeck, M. D'Hooghe, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2017 (23), 1-9, 2017.
  • Tandem addition of phosphite nucleophiles across unsaturated nitrogen-containing systems: mechanistic insights on regioselectivity, W. Debrouwer, D. Hertsen, T.S.A Heugebaert, E. Birsen Boydas, V. Van Speybroeck, S. Catak, C.V. Stevens, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 82 (1), 188–201, 2017.