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Fortify 10
Article 1 Nov 2022

New edition: Fortify, NLO’s business magazine

We are very proud to launch the new redesigned Fortify. This edition is all about sustainability, innovations and IP.

Have look at the newest edition of Fortify, NLO's business magazine. Many colleagues and precious clients worked together to create this Fortify. Twice a year NLO publishes Fortify. If you’d like to receive the new editions in your mailbox, feel free to subscribe here.

Why 'Fortify' as the title of NLO's business magazine?

The title 'Fortify' covers it all, as the title of NLO's business magazine: 

Meaning of Fortify (verb): to make something stronger, especially in order to protect it. 
From Latin fortificō. Synonyms: to strengthen, to secure.

And that's exactly what NLO offers its clients: well protected and fortified IP.