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Personal advice from your perspective
Ideas, innovations and trademarks: your intellectual property deserves advice and solutions from your perspective. Your advisor will team up with you to achieve the best possible results. This is how he or she will come to understand exactly what you need. Together we can achieve more.

When applying for a patent or managing your trademark portfolio, you need advice on the protection and improvement of your innovations, designs and trademarks. And if there is a smart solution that makes the difference between good and outstanding, you obviously want to know about it, whether or not you explicitly ask. We can arrange everything for you – from start to finish. NLO makes you stronger, better and more successful.

Tailored to your needs

Your advisor is not only a subject matter expert, but he or she will also tailor your teamwork to your needs. You decide how often you want status updates. You determine how you want to be contacted: by telephone or by email, whatever you prefer. If you want us to drop by for a personal meeting, we would be happy to do that too.

Long-term relationship

Our personal approach often results in a long-term relationship. Sometimes, an NLO advisor has provided services to one particular organisation for so long that he or she can also tell you about its patent history. This is not that strange, since NLO has been around for 135 years. We were even involved in drafting the first patent act in the Netherlands.

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Second opinion

Has your advisor from another IP firm reached a deadlock? Or do you have doubts about a proposal? We can help by issuing a second opinion. What is in it for you? Creative solutions and new perspectives thanks to a combination of experience, fearlessness and creativity. Your personal advisor understands what you need to move forward.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is one of NLO's top priorities. We're very proud our clients rated our administrative and advisory services with a high Net Promoter Score (50+). Receiving a net promoter score of 50 or higher reflects not only the quality but also the dedication of our team ensuring you have a seamless and positive experience.

client satisfaction

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, if you are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner who takes a personal approach that will help you move forward.