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NLO's Podcasts

Listen to the intriguing world of IP
Patents, trademarks and designs - a tough subject? Definitely not! In our podcast episodes we invite experts to share about the intriguing world of intellectual property.

Podcasts by NLO about IP

  • IP Masterclass: IP related topics, the ins and outs of trademark protection and registration (Dutch/English)
  • Fortify podcast: interviews with interesting clients, who share about the importance of IP and patenting for their companies (English)
  • Patent Case Law - highlighting the most interesting patent case law decisions (English)

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Our podcasts take no more than 30 minutes: the perfect pass time while you commute to or from work, home or anywhere. You can subscribe to our podcast via your favourite podcast app. NLO's podcasts are available in these podcast apps, among others: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast &

IP Masterclass podcast Podcast IP masterclass Normal use of a trademark In this fourth (Dutch) episode of the NLO IP Masterclass, New Business Radio's Martine Hauwert talks to NLO trademark and design attorney Peter Simonis about the "normal" use of a trademark. Is your registered trademark always protected? And how can you maintain your trademark in the best possible way? Learn useful tricks from the expert. IP Masterclass podcast AI Artificial Intelligence, pt2 This is part 2 of our new IP Masterclass podcast on Artificial Intelligence. In this episode Nadja Freeman and Harm van der Heijden dive deeper in some of the more practical considerations of patenting AI for companies and innovators, and discuss some of the latest and upcoming developments in this area. Last time in part 1, we explored some of the big picture issues of AI: the digital revolution, inventor ship vs ownership, patent trolls etc. If you haven’t already heard it, we recommend you go back and have a listen! IP Masterclass podcast Robot Artificial Intelligence, pt1 In this (English) episode Nadja Freeman and Harm van der Heijden explore the bigger issues of Intellectual Property in what is the fascinating and rapidly involving field of Artificial Intelligence. What is the role of patents in shaping the future of A.I.? How should we tackle A.I. innovations from a patenting perspective? So whether you are a IP professional, an inventor or just dipping your toe in the world of IP, this is the podcast for you! IP Masterclass podcast focus Patent Landscaping In this first episode (Dutch), we're going to tell you more about how Patent Landscaping can help you gain a competitive advantage. Are you also curious about the patent strategy of your competitors or the developments of a particular technology in the market? Joran Michiels and Erika Ermens from NLO will tell you how you can use Patent Landscaping for this.