Strategic advice

Intellectual property rights (IP rights), such as patents, are not a goal in themselves, but a means to an end: a way of resisting competitors, for example, or generating income from licences. Our advice will help you to manage your intellectual property rights in the most effective way, and take the necessary action to protect them, so that you can achieve your strategic ambitions.

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Application and validation

A patent is an exclusive right that protects a new product, working method or technology. A patent allows the inventor to benefit from his invention, forbidding competitors to copy the invention. A patent is granted by the government offering the inventor the possibility to act against companies copying the patented invention. Competitors are thus kept at a distance.

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Monitoring and protection

Once a patent has been obtained and registered, it is very important to monitor and protect the use of that patent. NLO has all the necessary knowledge and expertise to take care of this for you. Our monitoring service will give you both protection and expert advice. It includes continuous monitoring of the registers, and ensures that you can take swift action to protect your rights as soon as somebody else makes an application to register a similar or identical patent, trademark, or design.

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Contracts and agreements

If you want to protect your intellectual property or commercially exploit it in any way, or if third parties become involved in this process, it is always advisable to make clear arrangements about such first. These arrangements should be laid down in writing in an agreement, deed, or contract. NLO can provide you with advice and support during the negotiation, formulation, and drawing up of various types of intellectual property contracts and agreements.

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Unitary Patent

At European level officials are working hard on changes related to the unitary patent. To summarise: the old ‘bundles’ with patents in separate EU member states are being replaced by one patent which is valid in all participating EU member states.

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Working at NLO

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Intellectual Property: Cases

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset. From start-up to market leader, applying a smart strategy for patents, trademarks and/or designs adds value to every company. Examples of such successful IP strategies can be found at our page ‘Cases’. Read more