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Intellectual property rights (IP rights), such as patents or trademarks, are not a goal in themselves, but a means to an end: a way of resisting competitors, for example, or generating income from licenses. Our advice will help you to manage your intellectual property rights in the most effective way, and take the necessary action to protect them, so that you can achieve your strategic ambitions.

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Patents are part of intellectual property rights (IP rights) and are not a goal in themselves. They help to resist competitors or e.g. to generate income from licenses - therefore we call them a means to an end. Our advice will help you to manage your IP rights most effectively and take the action needed to protect them. Our patent attorneys will help you achieve your strategic ambitions.


Trademarks are valuable to a business; underlining the distinctive readiness, improving commercial durability and they make the company more enticing for investors. IP can play an important role in a business strategy and our experienced trademark attorneys of NLO Shieldmark will guide you through it.


The use of designs in your IP helps expand market share, keeps your competitors at a distance and will help you earn revenue from licenses. The design attorneys of NLO Shieldmark will be happy to advise you about all the steps you need to take to protect your designs.

IP Services

The IPS team manages patent validations, patent annuities, trademark renewals, recordals and can give other on-site support with our own Certified Formalities Officers. Our clients are IP firms, law firms and corporate in house IP departments worldwide. All services are based on the following values: quality, operational excellence and cost control.