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Trademarks are valuable assets for a business. They reinforce the distinctive capacity, create more commercial strength, enhance the competitive position and make the company more attractive for investors. Intellectual property therefore plays a prominent role in a business strategy, which can be supported by the knowledge and experience of the trademark attorneys of NLO Shieldmark.

Trademark search

Our trademark attorneys from NLO Shieldmark will conduct extensive research on the availability of your preferred trademark. In addition, if the trademark you want to obtain already exists, we can do research on its validity for a fixed fee. Namely, if a trademark has not been actively used for over five years, the trademark can be revoked.

Trademark registration

In order to protect your trademark, it is vital to register it in a register of an official authority. There are different trademark registers and registration is required for each country in which you want your trademark to be protected. You can, for example, choose to protect your trademark only in the Netherlands or in the entire EU.

Trademark infringement

Our NLO Shieldmark experts have all the necessary capacities to monitor the registers and will keep you informed. We can also assist you in the defense of your granted trademark when this is opposed by another party or in your own proceedings.

Strategic trademark advice

Our experts will help you map out your registered trademarks and build your portfolio as well as protect it. We will help you come up with a clear strategy as we have the required expertise to help in any situation, with respect to trademark monitoring and potential expansion.

Alternative trademark services

Besides offering you services as trademark searches and registrations, clients can also make use of our alternative trademark services. Design audits can be conducted to find out what your design portfolio is worth and present the value of your company.

Alternative IP rights

There are several ways to obtain extra protection for your trademark. The registration of a design will help you protect the physical appearance of your trademark or patent. That’s not all, we also help you draft commercial contracts and more.