About NLO Shieldmark

“A giant among the Benelux agencies, Dutch outfit NLO Shieldmark deftly manages many of the weightiest trademark portfolios in the region. It has 15 erudite attorneys on hand who operate in four teams, each dealing with a different type of client in order to guarantee highly specialised advice. It forms rock-solid relationships with patrons, working in harmony to guide them through the prosecution maze.” 


Marlous Stal-Hilders

“As well as a savvy prosecution adviser, managing partner Marlous Stal-Hilders is a smooth negotiator when transactions are on the table.” 


Jeroen Cornelis

“An excellent trademark attorney who is hands on and really knows clients’ needs”, all-rounder Jeroen Cornelis has extensive experience of trademark law in numerous jurisdictions worldwide, which resonates with a slew of international companies, including many from China and South Korea.” 


Milca Graver-de Looper

“With a pristine track record in the field stretching back more than 30 years, Milca Graver-de Looper is one of the team’s biggest assets. Meticulous in searches and registration, she is also an insightful and diplomatic mediator.” 


Thank you for your feedback

We would like to thank all clients, agents and other business relations for their positive feedback. We are very proud of this excellent result. 


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