Strategic advice

Intellectual property rights (IP rights), such as patents, are not a goal in themselves, but a means to an end: a way of resisting competitors, for example, or generating income from licences. Our advice will help you to manage your intellectual property rights in the most effective way, and take the necessary action to protect them, so that you can achieve your strategic ambitions.


The Innovation Box

The Innovation Box is a corporate tax facility used by the Dutch government to encourage innovation by companies registered in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Finance is responsible, but the scheme is closely related to innovation and enterprise, which falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Changes to the Innovation Box have been announced for 2017.

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Freedom to Operate advice

A freedom to operate search will let you know if you can launch a product on the market or to use a process without infringing the patent rights of a third party. Freedom to Operate is also referred to as “FTO".

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Patent Landscaping

Mapping out your patent landscape provides you with valuable business intelligence. You will gain in-depth knowledge about the technical sector in which you operate, such as who your competitors are and their patent strategies. This gives you the information you need to develop your own patent portfolio.

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Portfolio management

Portfolio management is about maximising the added value of your patent portfolio within a pre-set budget. NLO manages your patent portfolio by establishing the added value of your patents, selecting the inventions that are eligible for patent protection, developing the continuation strategy for the period after the priority year and identifying the countries where patent protection is needed.

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An intellectual property audit provides detailed insight into the current status of a company’s intellectual property portfolio (trademarks, patents, designs and domain names).

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Alternatives for patents

The registration of patent rights is not always the best way to protect your innovations and inventions. Sometimes it may not even be possible to apply for a patent. In other cases, it may be better to protect your intellectual property with chip rights, utility design rights and copyright.

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Working at NLO

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Intellectual Property: Cases

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset. From start-up to market leader, applying a smart strategy for patents, trademarks and/or designs adds value to every company. Examples of such successful IP strategies can be found at our page ‘Cases’. Read more