Barend Bouma

Barend Bouma

Dutch and European patent attorney

  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacy
Dutch and English

Barend joined NLO in 2014. Previously, he worked at the patent consultancy & management company JPWaVe B.V., where he contributed to all aspects of commercialising intellectual property in chemistry and life sciences. Barend started his career in industry when he co-founded the biotechnology company Crossbeta Biosciences B.V. This company develops technology and therapies to prevent or treat infections, tumours and amyloidosis-related diseases. As COO and head of R&D, his responsibilities included implementing and coordinating R&D and intellectual property strategies. Prior to that, he worked in laboratories researching protein structure-function relations in various illnesses.



Barend specialises in protein chemistry, protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions, biochemistry, biophysical chemistry and protein structure research, generally in the context of developing diagnostic tools, vaccines and drugs. He is also experienced in (protein) purification technology, protein expression, bioassays, molecular dynamic simulations, protein crystallography, luminescent materials, and haematological assays. Barend is particularly interested in strategies of clients in which their R&D is aligned with the structure of the intellectual property portfolio. He is the (co) founder on a series of patents and patent applications, and (co) author of a series of scientific publications.



Barend has an MSc in Structural Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry from Utrecht University (Netherlands, 1995), specialising in chemiluminescence, pore-forming bacterial proteins, structure research into a biofibre and a super strong fibre (AKZO NOBEL). He has a PhD in Crystal & Structural Chemistry from Utrecht University, Bijvoet Center (Netherlands, 2000), specialising in protein structure function research in a coagulation abnormality and autoimmune disease.

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