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Client stories 30 Nov 2023

Developing quantum dots for next-generation displays

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to scientists who in the 1970s first developed quantum dots. These nanoparticles exhibit a peculiar characteristic: when they absorb high-energy light (usually blue), they emit lower-energy light, say red or green. The size of a quantum dot determines the colour of light it emits. This opens the door to their application in displays, that usually uses a combination of red, green and blue light to create any other colour.
With our proprietary technology that was developed at Ghent University we can improve the reliability if quantum dots by orders of magnitude
Mr. Nakonechnyi - Chief product officer QustomDot

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That's the theory. In practice a whole number of technical issued must be solved to make quantum dot-based displays a reality. One of these issues is a lack of photostability, or the ability to emit the same colour of light over time. It turns out that a key factor to improve this is the surface chemistry used in the syntheses of quantum dots, which happens to be the focus of the research group where Igor Nakonechnyi obtained his PhD.

Together with his fellow-PhD's Kim de Nolf (currently CEO) and Willem Walravens (CTO), Mr. Nakonechnyi decided to found QustomDot. Their unique selling point? "With our proprietary technology that was developed  at Ghent University we can improve the reliability if quantum dots by orders of magnitude." Since it foundation in 2020, QustomDot has expanded its patent portfolio and fine-tuned the manufacturing procedures it keeps as trade secrets.

Founders of QustomDot

Igor Nakonechnyi explains how this IP enables QustomDot to enter into joint-development agreements with a number of developers of microLEDs - the next-generation display technology that features quantum dots - and to establish a solid position in a crowded and dynamic field with some very powerful players.

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