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Fresh 'n Rebel NLO
Client stories 10 Dec 2018

The story behind the brand: Fresh 'n Rebel

Fresh ‘n Rebel makes mobile audio- and IT accessories, such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones and power banks. Anyone who hears the name for the first time instantly thinks they’re dealing with a trendy and cool brand. That was exactly the goal, says CEO Pim Schoonenberg. “We were the first to connect audio and IT to fashion and lifestyle. That refreshing element flows throughout our brand."

Fresh ‘n Rebel

Headphones, speakers and other equipment do not particularly stand out because of their fashionable outlook. Such products are usually always black and do not make you look cool. How different is the product line of Fresh ‘n Rebel: you make a statement by wearing the accessories. You can choose from a large variety of refined colours such as mint green, indigo blue and dark ruby. When looking at the website ( you can already tell: these products are not just made to use, they’re made to shine.

Fresh and rebellious

When you first get acquainted with Fresh ‘n Rebel, the brand makes an impression on you. This is due to the name as well as the logo. To start with the name: How did it come about? CEO Pim Schoonenberg explains: “When we entered the market with a combination of audio, IT and fashion, we wanted to create a brand with a fitting appearance. The style of our products and the target group is to be described as young, fashionable, fresh and rebellious. Our name was born after we came up with the last two elements.”

Crabby logo

The name is easily clarified, the logo however is… a different story. In case you are still in doubt, the logo is in fact a crab. Why? Pim Schoonenberg states: “The crab was a bit of a random choice. It is obviously not related to headphones or a power bank. But that’s why it is so powerful: it’s a rebellious choice.” It was surely a successful decision, as the recognisability and cool appearance of Fresh ‘n Rebel is also thanks to the striking crustacean


Fresh ‘n Rebel was founded in 2013 and is still a young brand. Yet the company has already gained a respectable market share, is active internationally and has built a strong reputation in the eyes of its end-users. The company counts about 20 employees who each have a passion for the brand and what it represents. This is especially the case for Pim Schoonenberg: “I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time. If I am honest, Fresh ‘n Rebel feels like my child who is vastly growing and developing. Partly thanks to the strength of our mark.”  

Protecting your trademark is a must for all companies. But what makes a mark? How do they come about and what do they mean for the trademark owner and most importantly; what do they represent? In this column, we will give you some insight in the fascinating stories behind trademarks. In this feature: Fresh ‘n Rebel.