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Alja Bezoen

Alja Bezoen

Patent information specialist
I have been a patent information specialist at NLO since 2013, working in microbiology, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, water purification, food and packaging. I have wide-ranging experience, since 2006, of searching and analysing patent and other literature.

Within NLO, I can access various patent and other databases for novelty searches, opposition searches, FTOs, patent landscaping and monitoring of patents (by technical field, competitors or legal status). This means I can provide customised patent information to all sorts of clients, varying from start-ups to multinationals. Since 2019 I'm a QPIP®, a Qualified Patent information specialist.

From 2006 to 2012, I worked in the same role at DSM in Delft. Before that, I was a researcher and project leader examining fungal and algae cultures and working on soil surveys.


  • 1996 - MSc, Bioprocessing Technology, Wageningen University (specialising in industrial microbiology and molecular genetics).
  • 2006 - Patent Information Specialist (GO opleidingen)
  • 2019 - Qualified Patent Information Professional