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Christina Moraal

Christina Moraal

Trainee patent attorney
I am a South African patent attorney and have been working in patent prosecution for over 7 years. As a patent attorney I have worked on inventions covering multiple industries, from biological inventions to the mining industry and a variety of mechanical inventions. My objective is to provide optimal solutions for protecting and managing your intellectual property. I joined NLO in February 2023 to begin training as a European Patent Attorney.


  • Chemistry
  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Medicines

I started my legal career as a trainee attorney in South Africa and have worked at both large and small firms, which allowed me to get familiar with all the stages of patent protection. Before that, I briefly worked at a petrochemical company after obtaining my Msc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. My experience includes drafting and prosecution of patent applications in various jurisdictions, which helps me to guide my client through the complexities of global patent prosecution.

Training & Education

  • Msc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Bsc Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Bachelor degree in South African law


  • Hermanus P. Booysen, Christina Moraal, Gisella Terre’Blanche, Anél Petzer, Jacobus J. Bergh, and Jacobus P. Petzer. Thio- and aminocaffeine analogues as inhibitors of human monoamine oxidase. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 19(24):7507-18.
  • Various articles relating to intellectual property law, published online.