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Klaas Visscher

Klaas Visscher

Dutch patent attorney
I’ve been working for NLO as a trainee patent attorney since 2020. During my chemistry studies, I immersed myself in all aspects of the subject, particularly theoretical and physical organic chemistry. I now enjoy using that knowledge to protect companies’ intellectual property rights as fully as possible. I’m always open to having a critical discussion about the legal or substantive aspects of innovations.


  • Chemistry

Science is my passion, and I decided to study chemistry because it’s central to many aspects of scientific endeavour. I like to stay abreast of technological developments and am committed to legally protecting them.

After completing my master’s degree in chemistry in 2020, I began working as a trainee patent attorney. This combines practical and theoretical work in a natural way so that they strengthen one another. An extra benefit I offer the client is that the regulations governing intellectual property are fresh in my mind.

In addition to using my knowledge of chemistry in my legal work, I also enjoy applying it in the kitchen. And in my free time you can also find me in the gym or at the bouldering centre.

The problems of tomorrow will be solved by the innovations of today

Education and training

  • MSc Chemistry joint degree, University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • BSc Chemistry joint degree, University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam