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Marc Krisman

Marc Krisman

IP Business Services & Agent Relations
I have been working in various positions at NLO for many years as head of the patent administration, client services and public relations. Apart from a good knowledge of many aspects of IP, I got to know both our clients and foreign associates really well.

Which enables me to see things from their point of view and act accordingly. Not just by developing new services, like managing their entire correspondence with NLO. It can also be as simple as changing a small step in our processes to accommodate them in a better way.

Communication is always a great starting point: let’s talk!

In addition to all the usual aspects of an IP firm, I am constantly seeking to develop services one step further. Maintaining excellent business relations with both clients and associates is one of the key elements of NLO's continued success.

And because of my many years with NLO, I manage our historical archives which date back to 1888. Check NLO’s webpage to dive into our past! For more NLO photo material check MyAlbum.


  • French (Leiden University)
  • Business Law (Leiden University)
  • Business Development (Neyenrode Business University)