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AI artificial intelligence

Patents and Artificial Intelligence

IP strategy for companies active in the AI field
No matter what your core business is, the chance you will be dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) now or in the near future is high. Innovation is ready to take a sprint when AI solutions are applied. However, how does this affect your IP strategy? How do you protect your innovation, what should be disclosed or what is patentable? NLO is here to advise you on all AI patent issues.

AI Taskforce

NLO offers you the unique combination of highly skilled AI patent experts and experienced attorneys in your field of business. Inventors profit from the seamless collaboration between NLO attorneys involved in Telecommunications & Software with their counterparts in the Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering & Physics and Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals teams.

Our experts, combined in the AI Taskforce, proactively recognise all AI-related developments in the market. They also keep a sharp eye on all relevant legal matters. because the AI-field is relatively new it is important to keep up with the latest jurisprudence. Due to the composition of the AI Taskforce, all the important jurisdictions are covered.

AI as inventor - blog

NLO patent attorney Rolf Suurmond has started an interesting blog series about inventorship and artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for more:

NLO AI team

Our experts already work for a large number of clients from different industries, proving that our combined expertise approach is successful. We would be happy to advise you and your company on AI-related patents. Please contact us, you can find our contact details below.