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Chemistry & Pharmacy

Chemistry & Pharma

Our expertise

Chemical innovations take place over a wide area. For example, innovations relating to food, drugs, fuels and detergents. New inventions or applications of existing materials ensure a continuous stream of innovations within this field. So it’s not surprising that the chemistry and pharma teams at NLO consist of attorneys with diverse, relevant specialisations. Our specialists have acquired experience in either business or research institutes before switching to NLO. They are familiar with specific sectors, including current developments and regulations.


Our clients

NLO has clients, particularly in fields like food technology, pharma, polymer chemistry and process technology. Are you interested in the dynamic world of Chemistry and Pharma and would you like to know more about the importance of patents in this sector? If so, read the interview in Fortify with our client Propeaq that makes light glasses to regulate and optimise people's personal performance and energy.

SQ List It!

SQ List it! is NLO’s solution for your sequence listing headaches. It is easy to use and allows you to generate complex listings safely for all your patent applications and patent filings.

Do you struggle to make the sequence listings for your patent applications? Haven’t you found a workflow since ST.26 came into effect, besides dragging everything into WIPO Sequence and doing a manual clean-up? Anxious to make mistakes? Collect the sequences in your application, put them in a simple template and share them securely. NLO generates the ST.26 compliant sequence listing for you. Patent attorney Dietmar Hertsen developed SQ List It! With a proven track record, he is happy to tell you all about using this tool for your sequences.

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