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Timo Buijs

Timo Buijs

European Trademark and design attorney
I have been a trademark and design attorney at NLO Shieldmark since April 2019. My work involves helping both large companies and start-ups to protect their intellectual property.


  • Trademark law
  • Design law
  • Copyright
  • Contracts

What matters to me is ensuring companies can perform their business activities without unnecessary difficulties. As well as enjoying helping them develop strong trademarks, I also work to resolve trademark conflicts by writing cease and desist letters, conducting opposition procedures and drawing up agreements. And my aim is always to be pragmatic and to focus on the client’s interests.

The strength of a trademark is that people identify with it. This identification is of great value and in the general interest.

Thanks to internships at a law firm and a trademark office, I am familiar with most aspects of trademark law, from the registering of a trademark to protecting the rights associated with it. What I enjoy most about my work is being involved throughout trademarks’ lifecycle, including the development phase, when your aim is to prevent conflicts from arising in the first place.

My hobbies are football and photography. And, wherever possible, trying to combine the latter with travel.


  • Bachelor of Laws, with specialisation in Business Administration, Leiden University
  • Semester abroad, University of Ljubljana
  • Master in Corporate Law, with specialisation in Intellectual Property Law, Leiden University
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