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Vincent Verhoeven

Vincent Verhoeven

European and Dutch patent attorney
Patents are a means to an end and not an end in themselves. This is true whether you are a start-up, a research institute or a multinational. My extensive experience with technology development in multinationals has honed my ability to spot key, underlying issues. This is why I am able to help clients achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.


  • Chemistry
  • Plants
  • Food
  • Oppositions

My technical field of expertise is chemistry and food science. I have focused, in particular, on polymer science and the nutritional, physical-chemical aspects of food science as well as process engineering. My knowledge and experience will ensure I have a good understanding of your invention, enabling me to transform your innovative product into a solid and sound legal document. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to help my clients in this manner.

Door goed te luisteren, kernachtig te formuleren en creatief mee te denken maak ik samen met de klant deze vertaalslag en komen we tot de meest optimale bescherming.

Before joining NLO I held several engineering positions and filled a number of managerial roles within a food multinational. This experience taught me the value of correctly interpreting and transposing information when two very different worlds, such as the technical and legal world, converge – as they do in IP. My approach to ensuring a seamless transition between these two worlds is to listen carefully to my clients, be concise and present creative solutions tailored to their situation. In this way, I am able to offer my clients the best possible protection for their invention.


  • Training European patent attorney DeltaPatents – in progress
  • Training Dutch patent attorney, RU
  • Multiple in-house skills en leadership trainings
  • PhD Polymer technology, University of Groningen
  • Bsc Chemical engineering, University of Groningen en University of Waterloo in Canada


  • Multiple scientific publications on the reactive extraction of polyurethane