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Blog 20 Apr 2020

5 reasons to file your U.S. patent application with NLO

There are many advantages to securing intellectual property rights in the United States. With our U.S. Practice experts’ broad experience in all aspects of patent law and practice, quality tailored service, and competitive rates, Here are 5 reasons why you should let us handle your U.S. filings.

1. Closer Working relationship with your U.S. attorney = better outcomes

When you decide to use NLO’s U.S. Practice for your U.S. patents, that means your U.S. attorney is nearby, able to meet with you, to explain to you how the process works and to develop strategy tailored to your needs.  You don’t need to have to send information through 3 layers of people or wait a day or two for a response every time you have a question. You can simply pick up the phone to call your U.S. attorney, because they are located in your time zone now. Your U.S. attorney from NLO will be proactive in explaining to you what approaches are likely to work in any given situation, and would be best for you and your company knowing your situation and current needs.

2. Examiner interviews which can involve your experts

Examiner interviews can be one of the most effective ways to get a patent granted. You talk directly with the examiner, explain any issues that he or she may not be fully understanding with your invention, and learn more about the examiner’s position. Many times, the best persons to explain the invention are the inventors themselves – the subject matter experts who know the invention, and often the prior art as well.  By using NLO’s U.S. Practice, examiner interviews can be held telephonically or via video conference directly with the examiner, and that means that the inventors can be there, sitting with the NLO U.S. attorney, to credibly explain the complicated technology and get the most traction possible out of the examiner interview. 

3. Cost savings by not requiring an outside agent

When you choose a U.S. agent from a U.S. law firm, they typically interact with your main attorney who explains matters to you, the client. Instructions are given to your main attorney, who relays the message to the U.S. agent, who then responds to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office after asking any questions about the instructions or which come up during the preparation. This means you have two separate patent attorney firms working on one case, with two separate sets of bills (not to mention the typical high costs of U.S. attorneys). By using NLO’s U.S. Practice, there is no double of fees for a U.S. filing and the attorneys at NLO work together to ensure effective and efficient service, resulting in costs savings for your company.

4. Regular updates on US law and strategies

A lot of U.S. patent law is based on court decisions – meaning things are constantly changing, especially around certain technologies such as biotech, software and artificial intelligence. Our U.S. experts not only stay up to date with the current laws and changes, but they share them directly with you. Through blogs and informational sessions given directly to our clients (on location if requested), we keep you up to date with the important law changes that are essential to your portfolio and your business.

5. Proven Results

NLO’s US Practice has been effective in achieving the grant of patents, and helping our European clients successfully navigate the U.S. patent system. From obtaining patents for our clients to attacking patents of competitors, and developing and executing strategy when there are possible infringement issues involving a U.S. patent, NLO’s experts have broad experience in all aspects of patent law and practice. We even have a former US patent examiner as part of the team. 

We invite you to check out Catherine, Tamara, and Kate’s experience, and contact NLO’s U.S. Practice today to see what we can do for you.

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