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Barend focus
News 22 Dec 2020

Barend Bouma appointed Associate Partner at NLO

During NLO’s last General Partners Meeting, Dutch and European patent attorney Barend Bouma was appointed as Associate Partner with effect from 1 January 2021.

Barend, on his appointment as Associated Partner: “I feel honoured and am very pleased with this appointment. I eagerly look forward to the future and will (further) concentrate on serving the client base, which is presently mainly in the Netherlands. I also plan to further contribute to exploring current and new business opportunities for NLO, with a particular focus on the pharma team I work for.” 

About Barend Bouma

Barend joined NLO in 2014 and was sworn in as a European and Dutch patent attorney in 2017. He has a strong track record in pharma, chemistry and biochemistry. Barend is very dedicated to his clients, who praise him for his strength to combine his business insights with specialised knowledge. Before joining NLO, Barend had gained 11 years of  scientific R&D experience. He was the co-founder of a biotech company and he holds 15 patents.

About NLO

With 70 patent attorneys and 15 trademark and design attorneys on its books, NLO is one of Europe's largest intellectual property consultancies. NLO strengthens and protects its clients' innovations, trademarks and designs. Its client base includes multinationals, large and medium-sized Dutch, Belgian and international enterprises, research institutions and government agencies. NLO's head office is located in The Hague, the Netherlands, and it has branches in Amsterdam, Ede and Eindhoven in the Netherlands and in Ghent and Mechelen in Belgium.