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Change bank account details
News 18 Jan 2023

Change of bank account details NLO bv

This is a message for clients of NLO bv - our Belgian offices. NLO's bank account details change. Your action is required.

We are asking you to change your records regarding the bank account number of NLO bv ('NLO'). With immediate effect, the Rabobank bank account number is no longer in use. Rabobank will cease operations in Belgium and after a short transition period - until 31 January 2023 - this bank account number will be discontinued.

For all your payments to NLO, please use from now on:
ING BE57 3632 2610 6535 BIC BBRUBEBB

We thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions about this change, please contact NLO’s Finance department by sending them an e-mail at